Portfolio Submission

You did it! You finished your portfolio.
Now, submit your portfolio to our showcase.


Please make sure that your image is exactly 1140px in width and 760px in height.

Okay, so how
does this work?

When will I be featured
in the showcase?

Currently there are two kind of features. We feature portfolios via our FB & Twitter page, and two portfolios get handpicked each week for our showcase. In case you get featured, we will send you an email.

How should I submit
my portfolio artwork?

We recommend uploading one piece of work that represents you as a designer the best. Try to keep it simple & bold.

How does the portfolio review look like?

Generally, there are many things we look at. Most of all, the quality of work. Second, how original is the layout of your portfolio. We love portfolios that push the boundaries. And third, speed & ease of use. (so make sure it's speedy)

I'm waiting since ages, what happened?

Either we haven't reviewed your portfolio yet, or we just haven't featured it. In general, if you updated your portfolio with new work or optimized it, feel free to submit it again.